8 unknown facts

Every dog owners should know

1. Whenever your dog leans on you and puts their whole body weight on you. That's actually their way of hugging you and telling you that they love you..

2. Dogs will actually sneeze when they are play fighting to show that they are just playing around

3.  Whenever your dog looks deeply into your eyes, it means they feel vulnerable and they trust you to keep an eye out for them.

4. If your dog is smelling your crotch, this is your dog's way of checking your health and mood.

5.  When your dog tilts their head while looking at you, this is because they're trying to read your body language and they are analyzing your tone of voice.

7.  If your dog sleeps on your clothes, it means they love you. Your clothes have your scent on them and they just want to get closer to you.

8.  If your dog kicks backwards, after going to the bathroom, it's not to cover it up. It's done to mark their territory, using the scent glands in their feet.