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Pluto Dog Clinic Ranchi- Top Pet Clinic of Ranchi

Dr. Suranjan Sarkar- VETERINARY DOCTOR – An Introduction.


After Graduating from Bihar veterinary college, Patna back in 1996 Dr. Sarkar opened a pet clinic. He worked for almost 15 years till 2011. in 2011 he realized that he should enhance his knowledge. He went to study post graduation in Madras veterinary college, Chennai. He studied Post graduate diploma in small animal emergency and critical care medicine for one year. He passed with honors. To date, he is the only veterinary doctor from Jharkhand who is a certified critical care specialist for dogs and cats. Many other veterinary doctors enrolled for this course but could not pass due to high standards. This makes him the best veterinary doctor in Ranchi. 

Other affiliation

While Dr. Sarkar was studying in Madras veterinary college, he came into contact with Dr. B  Nagarajan,- A specialist in small animal dermatology. Dr. Sarkar learned world-class dermatology- diagnosis, and its treatment. Later Dr. Sarkar became an associate member of Asian society of small animal dermatology, Singapore. Dr. B Nagarajan has a world-class veterinary clinic in Chennai called Balo multi-specialty veterinary clinic. Dr. Sarkar had a small session of hands-on training in his clinic. 
He has attended many symposia. This includes seminars cum short-term training conducted by Massachusetts Veterinary U.S.A. 
Pluto Dog CLINIC – The beginning
After returning back to Ranchi in the year 2012, Dr. Sarkar started a pet clinic called Trinity Pet Clinic with all the critical care facility. Since no other pet clinic had this equipment and expertise Dr. Sarkar soon became very popular and Trinity Pet clinic became the number one pet clinic in Ranchi. He became so popular that Government Veterinary Hospital in Ranchi  invited him to work in their clinic as a veterinary doctor in Ranchi. He worked in Government veterinary clinic, station road Ranchi for 4 years till 2016. He had to leave government pet clinic because he was not getting enough time to manage Trinity Pet clinic. Currently, he is totally devoted to Trinity Pet Clinic, Marwari college Ranchi. Trinity Pet clinic is the best Pet Clinic in Ranchi.

Services provided by Pluto Pet clinic

Currently, this pet clinic provides
2. Complete vaccination of dogs and cats with vaccines from reputed companies.
3. 24 hours Critical care facility to all pet owners who are registered to Trinity Pet Clinic
4. Skin problems treatment for dogs and cats
5. Nebulization
6. Advises on getting a pet dog, cat, rabbits.
7. Treatment of dogs, cats, and rabbits
8. kindly note we do not provide Dog grooming, Dog cemetery, dog hostel, and dog training 
Dr. Sarkar has also done specialization in exotic animals therefore he is also known as Rabbit doctor in Ranchi or Turtle vet in Ranchi. 


Dr. Suranjan Sarkar 9430814882
Pluto Pet clinic, Hinoo

Please don’t get confused and come to Kanke Road, Ranchi to get your pet treated by a qualified and best  veterinary doctor near me. Never ever get your dog or cat treated or vaccinated by a breeder or a quake or a cow veterinary doctor. Due to a lack of knowledge they give the wrong vaccine and immunity against disease is not produced. This way your pet has to die an early death. Always insist on registration of veterinary doctor. Only registered veterinary doctors can practice veterinary medicine.
Recent update
Recently, A national-level pet magazine called Dogs and Pups magazine has impaneled Dr Suranjan Sarkar, as their key expert and they are regularly publishing his articles.

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