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Show me the place where I can adopt a dog for free


Fortunately, we have a place where you can adopt a dog for free. There is an animal shelter in Ranchi where they keep all old, sick, and abandoned dogs. It is called an animal welfare trust. They are always searching for someone who can adopt these dogs.

Secondly, there is another organization that encourages the adoption of a dog instead of buying one. This organization is called Street dogs of Ranchi. They are very active on Instagram with more than 6000 followers.

Finally, to sum up, I would like to state that all these dogs are street dogs, some are old breed dogs but mostly homeless mixed breed dogs, And if you are thinking of getting a high-quality breed dog for free in the name of adoption, I want to loudly say “COME OUT OF DREAM”

One request from the author, after you get your dog please make sure to vaccinate the dog as per schedule.

to understand pet psychology read here.

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