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how to make a dog poop instantly?

how to make a dog poop instantly

There are ways by which you can help your dog poop instantly. Here is a 3 step guide to understand how to make a dog poop instantly. And you won’t need a thing extra to buy from Amazon. Many dogs find it difficult to find a favorite spot to do their daily business.

They either feel uneasy to poop at a place we hooman choose for them or they do it somewhere weird. To help them we need to train them properly considering their needs.

If we let them do it on their will, it will take a long time to finish their business. Some dogs like to walk and poop. They walk for a while and then they poop and again repeat the same. And there are a few dogs who won’t poop when we take them for a walk and then immediately does it when they come back home.

To help our dogs poop quickly the best way is to massage your dog to poop.

How do you massage a dog to poop?

3 Easy steps to massage your dog to poop

how to make a dog poop instantly
how to make a dog poop instantly

Step 1. Lift your dog on your lap if it is small or you may put your hand underneath his belly. Start massaging your dog from middle to outward and backward. This will stimulate bowel movement. Many times you will feel rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines, scientifically called borborygmus.

massage a dog poop instantly

Step 2. As soon as the borborygmus begins immediately take your dog outside or on the spot. This technique works for most dogs.

Step 3. If your dog is constipated or takes more time to poop then you may massage and slightly vibrate the belly area. You may stroke the area above the tail of your dog.

how to make a dog poop instantly
stroking your dog’s back to poop instantly

Can I teach my dog to poop in a specific spot?

Like everything else, dog training too requires consistency. The basic idea is simple. Take your pup outside regularly, especially if the pup is sniffing the floor or starting to squat, or making a sound to poop. Moreso, after a meal.

According to a 2013 paper published in Frontiers in Zoology, it may be that dogs attempt to align themselves with Earth’s magnetic field before pooping. Specifically, they seem to prefer to defecate along the North-South axis if the magnetic field is stable

Take your dog to the poop corner. Often that means carrying him quickly. Put the pup down and don’t let her leave until she finished her business. If you wish a verbal command, “Do it” or something similar may be used. When the desired end result is obtained, praise the pup, and repeat every time.

Consistency and praise. The key to training anyone to do anything.

How can I teach my dog where not to poop?

There are multiple ways of teaching your canine buddy the right and the wrong spots for pooping. It will obviously take a lot of your time and energy but the feeling is great at end of the process.

Now the first thing you have to make sure of is that your dog poops at fixed times. For this, it’s advised that you keep a watch on it and wait for certain signs when it’s about to ‘drop the bomb’. Generally, dogs feel the urge to poop/urinate after a nap, meal, or exercise session. Take it out accordingly and to the same place. When out repeat a particular word of your choice so that the dog can relate the urge to poop to the word. 

If it still poops in the house, show him/her it’s not what you want by giving it the next meal around the same spot where it pooped.

how to get a dog to poop in a new place?

how to make a dog poop instantly?

The best way is to take your dog out on a leash to poop. When your dog poops at the desired place, give him a treat. As time goes by, stop talking out on a leash, but still stand next to him. After some time, you can move on to pooping on its own.

It might help to pit him on a schedule too.

dog holding poop on purpose!


Normally dogs have a habit of doing their business at “same place same time.” after a meal, during a walk, etc. every dog owner is familiar with their dog, and when to take their dog out, but when you travel outside their regularity gets disturbed, this is when a problem arises.

As a breeder, I have heard pet owners complaining., that when they take their dog to poop, their dog ]holds it and when they come back to their room, the dog does it there. Being in an unfamiliar place or situation, your dog may hold poop on purpose. Loud noises and the presence of other animals or humans make them hold their poop.

This can be dangerous for your dog, holding poop for long can distend their intestine and can cause intussusception. This can be life-threatening.

Therefore, if your dog is holding stool for too long, more than 48 hours, stool softener or laxatives can be given. There are many products available on Amazon. If things get serious contact your vet ASAP.

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