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What to do if your parrot’s one eye closed?

parrot one eye closed

If you see that your parrot has one eye closed, it could be a sign of an underlying disease or injury. Here is some advice you can follow if your parrot exhibits this behavior:

Observe the bird

Carefully watch your parrot to see if there are any other symptoms or signs of illness or injury. Look for discharge, swelling, redness, or any unusual behavior. Note any changes in eating, drinking, or vocalization patterns as well.

Separate the parrot

If you have more than one bird, it may be best to separate the affected parrot from the others to prevent the spreading of any potential infection or disease.

Create a peaceful environment

Ensure that the parrot’s cage is clean, cool, neat, and tidy. Provide fresh water, a balanced diet, and appropriate perches and toys to keep the bird engaged.

Consult a Bird veterinarian

Schedule an appointment with an avian veterinarian who can perform a thorough examination and provide an accurate diagnosis based on the examination. They may ask you questions about the parrot’s recent activity, diet, and living conditions.

Provide supportive care:

In addition to any prescribed treatments, you can offer supportive care to your parrot. This may include maintaining proper hygiene, ensuring a balanced diet, providing a stress-free environment, and giving the bird ample rest and privacy.

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